Optional Product features

Different kinds of post-processing allow for finishings according to your individual needs and create unique products for your differential advantage:

Custom-fit fabrication

  • Custom-fit formed components for individual applications:
    stamped / laser-cut / mechanically cut
  • Surface structure:
    open to closed
  • Grip / hand feel:
    silky to non-slip
  • Elasticity:
    soft to firm
  • Compression zones:
    different hardness within one workpiece
  • Joints:
    integrated textile joints within one workpiece
  • Optionally: produced as rolled goods


  • Different coatings and finishings, among others:
    antibacterial / nano coated / water-resistant / flame-retardant / slip-proof
  • Lamination, among others:
    fabric / leather / synthetic leather / PVC / transparency films / neoprene / latex rubber (3DEA Flex)
  • Elastic deformation / embossing through moulding
  • Ultrasound welding
  • Filling with different materials, among others:
    PU foam / synthetic resin
  • Printing of logos, patterns and the like
  • linking seam (different materials)